Come shopping

Find what you need in our more than 300 shops located in Chaguaramos, Jardín o Terraza levels. CSI makes your day more productive while you shop, run your errands and relax walking through the mall’s open spaces.

Have something tasty

Discover and enjoy our multiple restaurants and gastronomical options. Come to have a good time with our spectacular view to the Ávila.

Have a good family time

Chaguaramos level offers you a safe, comfortable experience with it’s ample terraces, creating the perfect conditions for an awesome family time. Allow your children to walk freely while you breathe the clean air of our spaces.

Hang out with your friends

Blandín Boulevard has a young, urban feel. Come where you want to be and have a good time with friends tasting a delicious meal or have a happy toasting celebration.

Centro San Ignacio makes you smile.
In CSI the simple becomes magical going to the cinema or simply walking through our open spaces.

Enjoy an after office

Rediscover the magic of the night and liven up your week sharing a drink or enjoying a cozy evening in our restaurants.

What more to do in CSI?


Find that special gift


Get a salon blow-dry

Get your nails done

Sin without regrets eating a delicious ice cream or chocolate made of the best venezuelan cocoa

Make bank transfers

Mail international packages

Take your clothes to the dry-cleaner

Test your eyesight

Find the perfect decoration for your home

Get some cosmetic touch-ups done