Art Café

Nivel Chaguaramos, kiosco K-002

FB: Art Café Vzla


Kiosk offering coffee in different presentations, breakfasts and cakes

Arte Gelato

Nivel Terraza, local T-19

TW: @artegelato

FB: Arte Gelato

IG: @artegelatoheladeria

Artisanal italian ice creams, paired with a healthy menu including zero fat and zero sugar options, made with natural and fresh fruits

Café de Autor

Jardín Level, sector Broadway, space CG25

Artisanal products to awaken your senses: chocolate, desserts, coffee, frappuccinos, cheese fondues and more!

Benefit Yogurt

Nivel Chaguaramos, local CH-15-2

TW: @benefityogurt

FB: Benefit Yogurt

IG: @benefityogurt

Innovatie “self-service” ice cream parlor that promises to pamper the venezuelans palates, with a concept of enriched liquid, creamy yoghurt with creative flavors


Nivel Jardín, local J-36

They offer a variety of cakes and coffee

Chip a Cookie

Nivel Chaguaramos, kiosco K-007


FB: Chip-A-Cookie

IG: @chipacookie

Cookies, brownies and cakes still hot from the oven. High-quality products, prepared in a traditional way, with several flavors and guaranteed freshness

Caracas Crepes

Nivel Chaguaramos, kiosco K-012

TW: @caracascrepes

IG: @caracascrepes

Kiosk offering the best crepes in Caracas. Pamper your palate with original, 100% pleasant flavors

Chocolates Paria

Nivel Jardín, local J-45B

TW: @pariachocolates

FB: Chocolates Paria

IG: @chocolatesparia

Artisanal chocolates, in the shape of bars of confections, made with 100% cocoa. They offer sugar free and milk free options. “From the flower to the bonbon”

Gelateria Mito

Nivel Chaguaramos, local CH- 18

TW: @heladerias_mito

FB: Heladerías Mito

IG: @heladeriasmito

Artisanal ice cream and coffee in the traditional italian way. Fresh ingredients, no preservatives or food dyes

Havanna Café

Nivel Terraza, local T-27

TW: @havannave

FB: Havanna Venezuela

IG: @havannave

Argentinian brand, famous for their alfajores, considered among the best in Argentina. “Desserts and drinks that change your day”


Nivel Terraza, local T-09

Find several cakes and dishes in this space made for the dessert-lovers

Maja Coffee & Tea

Nivel Jardín, sector Las Vegas, local LV- 31

TW: @MAJA_coffee_tea

IG: @maja_coffee_tea

Great variety of coffees and teas of excellent quality, paired with a selection of desserts and sandwiches commited to the joy of your taste buds

Polka Dots

Nivel Chaguaramos, kiosco K-017

TW: @polkacupcakes

FB: Polka Dots Cupcakes

IG: @polkacupcakes

Cupcakes and cookies made in the traditional way, with no preservatives, stabilizers or industrial improvers. You can feel the taste of home

Sin Arrepentimiento

Nivel Jardín, local J-06

IG @sinarrepentimiento

Food Service where you’ll find a great range of national and imported products

Yogen Fruz

Nivel Chaguaramos, kiosco K-011




Delicious and healthy ice creams made of yoghurt and fruits. They offer sugar-free ice creams.