Frozen Bar

Nivel Blandín, local BL-29- 4

TW: @frozenbarve



Unique bar in Venezuela, specialized in frozen cocktails, paired with a urban menu.


Nivel Blandín, local BL- 3-2

TW: @viveistanbul

IG: @istanbulccs

A whole new way to experience rumba in the city, this restaurant offers Arab specialties.

Montaítos Tapas Bar

Nivel Blandín, local BL-31-4

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FB: Montaitos Tapas Bar

IG: @montaitostapas

Wines, tapas, montaítos, lunches and dinners with the best spanish style.


Nivel Blandín, locales BL-23-1y BL-23-2

TW: @piskobar

FB: Pisko Gastro & Bar

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Tbe best cocktails and music in one place, come here to enjoy Caracas’ nightlife.


Nivel Blandín, local BL-27-2

TW: @sukabar

FB: Suka Bar

IG: @sukabar

With contemporary adults in mind, this restaurant offers a great variety of original cocktails and a diverse musical ambiance. An exotic India-inspired decoration gives this space the perfect finishing touch.

Salad Bistró & Bar

Nivel Blandín, local BL-11-1

FB: Salad Bistro & Bar

IG: @saladbistrobar

Fresh, healthy and innovative. The best salads and healthy dishes coupled with delicious drinks and cocktails.


Nivel Blandín, local BL- 19

TW: @samoagroup

IG: @samoagroup

Samoa is a pleasurable place to enjoy good cocktails, delicious food, sports events and music in total comfort. Come relax in their cozy terrace.

Viña del señor

Nivel Terraza, locales T-45 y T-46


FB: La Viña del Señor

Wine Bar.