El Cine City

Nivel Chaguaramos, locales CH -03 y CH -04

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A cosmopolitan experience that blends the venezuelan idiosyncracy with the concept of restaurant. Food to share fused with design and music, each experience is a little party

Aijo Sushi Bar

Nivel Blandín, local  BL- 09-1

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Fine dining from the ancient ottoman empire, made with modern techniques respecting tradition and the flavor of the myriad of turkish spices. The first restaurant of this specialty in Caracas

Príncipes de Yavé

Nivel Blandín

The choice when eating arab food in Centro San Ignacio, with succulent dishes including delicious shawarmas that will melt even the most challenging palate

Ganadero Grill

Nivel Vivero

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Restaurant specialized in meat, with spaces ideal for events and celebrations

Ikura Sushi Bar

Nivel Chaguaramos, local CH-31

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Japanese restaurant with the perfect combination of quality and unparalleled gastronomical offer


Nivel Chaguaramos, local CH 17-2

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The blues, the barbecue, Elvis Presley and all those things that represent a good american born in the south have a common thing: they were born in Memphis, Tennessee. This restaurant brings together the best of the food of this iconic city