Balkan Burger

Nivel Blandín, local BL-21-3

Exquisite sandwiches, salads and burgers, with fresh and high-quality beef.

Buffalo Wings

Nivel Blandín, local BL-29-3

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The most delicious burgers and wings, with the highest quality meat, drinks and the best informal ambiance of the city.

Bonsai Sushi

Nivel Terraza, local T-37

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Chain of japanese and thai food.

Burger Factory

Nivel Chaguaramos, local CH-27-2

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The best gourmet burger now in Caracas.

Chicken Light

Nivel Chaguaramos, local CH 22 – 2

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Focused in delighting the public with exquisite light chicken, salads and a menu created to please the the palate.

Chipi’s Burger

Nivel Terraza, locales T-34 y T-35

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Beef patties grilled directly in front of you! Prepare your own burger choosing from our SALSAS MIX, with more than 15 vegetable options and 12 original sauces.

Los Burros Geniales

Nivel Blandín, local BL- 09-2

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Restaurant with mexican and tex-mex specialties, including the perfect criollo touch in some dishes.


Nivel Blandín, local BL- 23-3

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FB: Subway San Ignacio

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Fast food chain offering submarine sandwiches and salads. The perfect option for a healthy, fresh and delicious meal.

Danielle’s Café

Nivel Terraza, locales T-51 y T-53

TW: @daniellescafe

IG: @daniellescafe

Find your perfect option from an ample menu including delicious pita sandwiches, fresh salads, yummy pizzas, burgers and desserts.

Delicateses Príncipe Andrés

Nivel Jardín, local J-05

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The best deli and coffee shop of the city

Hamburguesas Gourmet 1834

Nivel Blandín, local BL- 15-1

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Burgers with gourmet sides, high-quality ingredients fit to your taste in a comfortable, laid-back space

La Gruta CSI

Nivel Terraza, local T-41

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IG: @lagrutaCSI

“The menu in the city, everyday”. Variety of home-cooked dishes


Nivel Chaguaramos, local CH-15-01



IG: @migascafe_ve

Casual fast food concepto. A diverse offer for breakfast and lunch, including desserts and pastries


Nivel Chaguaramos, kiosco K-009

TW: @plumrosevzla

FB: Plumrose Venezuela

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The best venezuelan hot dogs

Yayus Tex Mex Grill

Nivel Jardín, local J-42

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The best and more diverse tex-mex food in Caracas