Centro San Ignacio, operated by Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios, is a mixed-use complex where multiple commercial and office activities intertwine.

Unique, modern, ecologic. It’s open structure and pergola with laminated double reflective windows minimize the incidence of UV rays in the areas where visitors walk. 

Designed by architects Carlos Gómez de Llarena and Moisés Benacerraf, it won the Premio Nacional de Arquitectura de Venezuela (National Architecture of Venezuela Award). Centro San Ignacio gained special recognition for its modern Latin American architecture in the  Mies van der Rohe award of 1998, becoming one of the most influential urban designs in Venezuela.

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    One of the most important things in Centro San Ignacio is its floor, that represents interleaved sun figures that fit in harmony with the plan of the pergola. The design takes inspiration from Aztec culture, consequently, the floor and pergola connect as the sun moves through the day and creates an elongated shadow that gives the different hours of the day.

    Completely artisanal, the floor is composed of small pieces glued manually in an alternately way, forming concentric suns or semi-circles. Its maintenance is done through restaurateurs that know how and which material to use to preserve the original creation.

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  • – Blandín, Chaguaramos, Jardín, Terraza and Vivero are the five levels that form Centro San Ignacio.
  • – Jardín level counts with three highly commercial areas: Las Vegas, Hollywood and Broadway. You’ll be surprised of what you can find here!
  • – Copérnico (Copernicus) and Kepler Towers stand out at each side of the mall, while thousands walk through them daily.
  • – The design of CSI includes a pergola,
    terraces, bridges, greenery and it’s walls are covered in red bricks with slits covered in pink granite.

Did you know?

Centro San Ignacio was designed to save a natural resource as important as water, to achieve this we use water that comes from the phreatic level in the floor to water the plants!

Have you walked through Centro San Ignacio?

Many times, surely! But, did you know our floor has a unique design in the world?

¿Did you know…

…that the construction of the building was made between the years 1993 and 1998 in a terrain that was used as a sports field? Centro San Ignacio has 24.800m² of land surface, in them, more than 300 of entertainment, shopping, and high-quality services businesses work, including two office towers. 

The open design of Centro San Ignacio is unique, this is why it has become one of the most modern and visited urban buildings in the city


As nature, Centro San Ignacio seduces its visitors offering what they dream about, while they walk freely savouring the grandeur of El Ávila


Because it fits with the needs and interests of every visitor. Starting your day with a delicious coffee, buying a book and having a cozy place to read it, closing business deals, having work meetings, having fun with friends, celebrating and always feeling good. All is possible in Centro San Ignacio.

where you want to be

Centro San Ignacio is the place where you want to be to shop in the best stores, run your errands, walk, have a warm cup of coffeee…all this and more in a safe, open space.